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Best Pizza in Town with impressive Visit!

10 January 2023

Recently, the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, paid a visit to our pizzeria Cloud Factory located in Esch. The news of his visit was an exciting moment for all of us, and we eagerly waited for him to arrive.

The Prime Minister's visit to our pizzeria was not only a matter of pride for us, but it was also an opportunity to showcase our unique concept and menu offerings. The Prime Minister, being a well-known food lover himself, was impressed with our state-of-the-art equipment and the traditional wood-fired oven we use to cook our pizzas.

During his visit, we had the opportunity to share our experiences as small business owners and the challenges we have faced, especially during the pandemic. The Prime Minister listened attentively and shared his views on the government's efforts to support local businesses during the challenging times.

The Prime Minister also took a keen interest in our pizza-making process and even tried his hand at tossing pizza dough. It was a fun moment for all of us, and we appreciated the Prime Minister's willingness to engage with us on a personal level.

As a gesture of gratitude, we presented the Prime Minister with a specially crafted pizza made just for him, which he thoroughly enjoyed. It was heartening to see the Prime Minister appreciating our culinary skills, and it was a moment we will never forget.

Overall, the Prime Minister's visit was an incredible experience, and it has motivated us to continue to strive for excellence in our business. We are grateful for the Prime Minister's support and his recognition of the role small businesses play in the economy. We hope that this visit will inspire other entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and make a difference in their communities.