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Anne's Kitchen and Cloud Factory present: The Hameschmier Pizza

15 April 2024

Celebrate Local Flavors with Our New "Hameschmier Pizza" 🍕🇱🇺

We are thrilled to unveil a delicious new addition to our menu that blends Italian tradition with Luxembourgish flair: the Hameschmier Pizza, created in collaboration with Anne's Kitchen. This innovative pizza brings the comfort and taste of Luxembourg's cherished "Hameschmier" directly to your plate in a fresh, exciting way.

A Taste of Tradition

In Luxembourg, "Hameschmier" is a traditional open sandwich featuring slices of ham, gherkins, crème fraîche, and mustard. We've transformed this classic dish into a mouth-watering pizza that captures the essence of Luxembourgish cuisine while combining it with the art of Italian pizza making. Our fluffy dough serves as the perfect canvas for the rich flavors of crème fraîche and mustard, topped with high-quality ham and tangy gherkins.

A Culinary Collaboration

This is the second time we have teamed up with Anne's Kitchen to create a unique pizza that highlights local ingredients and culinary practices. The result is a pizza that not only tastes incredible but also tells a story of cultural harmony and innovation.

Launch Celebration

Introduced at a vibrant launch event last Thursday in Esch, the Hameschmier Pizza made a fantastic debut. Our guests enjoyed the first taste of this new creation, perfectly paired with Anne's delicious Pinot Gris (now available in Esch).

Come and Taste the Magic

The Hameschmier Pizza is available now and will stay on the menu until summer. Celebrate local traditions with a global twist in Esch and Neudorf. We can't wait to share this with you. See you soon! 🎉